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Welcome to Kota’s Most advanced dental clinic. Dr. Jaya’s Orthodontic & Dental Clinic for all yoru dental problems and a perfect smile.

icon_widget_image Monday-Saturday: 9AM to 1PM, 5PM to 8PM; Sunday: Closed icon_widget_image 464-A Talwandi, Near DAV School Kota – 324005, Rajasthan, INDIA icon_widget_image +91-8290692839 +91-744-2406611 icon_widget_image drjayasdentalclinic@gmail.com
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Best facilities and State of the art technology




Equipped with most advanced technology and hygienic environment Dr. Jaya’s Orthodontic & Dental clinic is one of the best dental clinics in Kota. We cover a full spectrum of dental care services under one roof with excellent cucess rate.

We bring modern machines which are only available at Dr. Jaya’s Orthodontic & Dental Clinic in whole kota. Advance technology never means that we are going to charge high to our patients. The main and only purpose of this ultra advanced technology is to provide quality dental care which a patient get only in metro cities.

Our hospital is equipped with all the diagnostic tools to straighten teeth. We do have technology like Dental Lasers, RVG(Radio visual graphs) & OPG Cephalogram or software like Clin Check software which enables doctors to see the end result even before starting the orthodontic treatment of a patient.

We are offering Orthodontic treatment using the right treatment plans such as 3D intraoral scanners move the teeth to the desired position. Complex tooth movements are possible using the latest appliances such as Damon braces. Many orthodontic appliances require fixed appliances but Invisalign can be given to patients who want an invisible and removable option.

Our orthodontist Dr. Jaya Singhvi is highly qualified and study from top Dental colleges of India, UK and after years of experience in India’s top hospitals like Fortis had mastered the art of providing the latest orthodontic appliances. These appliances include self-ligating braces and Invisalign after precise diagnosis and treatment planning. Trained with master’s degree for 3 years in Braces treatment only

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